Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bring a friend along?  

2. Can I change a track once it's submitted?    

    Yes - once you have completed a submission form     your responses along with a link to update your     track will be emailed to you. Use this link to     update your track. 

3. Does Playback claim any copyright over my track if they’re played?
    We don't claim any copyright over your tracks.     They are always owned by you.

4. How do I know if and when my track will be played back?

    We will send you an email around a week ahead       of an event to confirm your attendance and let     you know that your track will be played back.

5. My track is still unfinished, do I need to finish it before sending it to Playback?

    No - We love to hear a work in progress and it     can be helpful to hear your track at all stages     of the process.