Do you make music and wish you could hear it through a club or amplified sound system?

Playback creates a space for music makers to hear their works on an amplified sound system in a supportive and educational setting.

Many music makers don't get the opportunity to hear how their sounds will translate in final environments such as clubs, cinemas, or under heavy amplification. This is because access to larger systems, such as those found in clubs, are hard to come by. Playback aims to bring this opportunity to the Melbourne music community whilst facilitating the opportunity to share with, learn from, and connect with peers.

Anyone is welcome to submit a track to Playback. We welcome music makers of all abilities, genres, and backgrounds to the program. Even
if you are not submitting music we welcome you to join a session to see what it's all about or support a friend.

Our aim is to lift the community and allow music makers to improve their practice by listening in a new environment.

Monthly on Wednesday nights from Aug-Nov,
8-10pm at Miscellania
31.08 | 28.09 | 26.10 | 23.11

Submissions are now open for Playback Season 2, Aug-Nov ‘22.

All submissions are welcome, no matter the genre or how finished they sound. We also offer the option to submit anonymously. Changing an upload to a newer mix or version after you’ve submitted is easy too: just let us know via the contact email below.

The process is simple:

  1. Upload your tracks using the form below
  2. We’ll collate all the submissions and let you know via email when your track will be played
  3. Come along, bring some friends, and hear your track on a club system!

We’re now taking tracks for October 26 and November 30.


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For any questions, suggestions, or a friendly hello, contact us via email here:

Season 1
Mar - Apr - May 2022’